Queerly Beloved was conceived in COURTNEY TROUBLE's backyard during a Pride year when everything seemed to be way too expensive. JENNA RIOT was there too, having shot a music video in a blow up pool the night before.

The first party was legendary. The next summer, Courtney was featured on the cover of the SF Bay Guardian during Pride week and decided to throw the party in The Mission's Backyard, Trouble's favorite SF venue EL RIO. 

The main goal of QUEERLY BELOVED is to provide a salacious, sweaty, and heavenly chill patio party in the best place you could possibly be on Pride Sunday. We will never inflate ticket prices. We will never have corporate pride sponsorship. We benefit local businesses, indie art projects, and non-profit organisations. We employ mostly femme, POC DJs and performers. We We are run by sex workers and remain a queer, punk, and kink positive place.

Hall of Fame: Younger Lovers, Micahtron, GAYmous, King Saturn, Dorian Faust, DUBAIS, Ah Mer Ah Su, Alotta Boutte, Icy Lytes, Vagina Jenkins, Tragik, Skylar Love, Cinnamon Maxxine, Lexi FemmeAsFuck, Chelsea Starr, DJ Durt, Bianca Oblivion, Venus in Furs, DavO, Dylan Ryan, Rae Threat, Ajapop, and Jiz Lee

We are the official Pride party of El Rio and are proudly sponsored by Fabulosa Fest.